How do I make the right choice for my loved one?

With over 30 years of experience in the Senior Care industry, I know the importance of this question.

Whether it’s making a choice about assisted living or memory care homes, or finding more specialized options for your loved ones, I understand the problems associated with these decisions.

Making the right choice has physical, financial, and psychological implications – that’s why I’m here to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for support and guidance. Contact me today!


My expertise covers three key areas:

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Appropriate placement

A complete physical, mental, past and future assessment will be undertaken to identify key requirements. This includes speaking to healthcare professionals to ensure all contingencies are considered – and covered.

I will take you through every step of the process with full support and guidance.

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Financial Assessment

This is a key feature for identifying and continuing care throughout your loved ones’ retirement period. Understanding and considering finances in terms of medical care is a vital feature and factor when making assisted care arrangements.

I will coach and educate you through all these decisions – ensuring your medical dollars are spent wisely and effectively.

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Narrowing Down Choices

More often than not, you will be presented with more than one option for assisted living and memory care. Even with complete financial and physical breakdowns in place, the final decision can still be overwhelming.

As part of my services, I will pre-assess each potential facility, organize tours (guided tours available), set up appointments, and ensure that all your questions are answered and can suggest questions that may have not been considered. You and I will use all of this information to make the final decision.